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Phoenix-Water Nymph 3 by KatGirlStudio Phoenix-Water Nymph 3 by KatGirlStudio
And this is where our story differs
Depending on who it is that weaves the tale
But do not fear gentle lady and sir
For in the end when all is said and done
All shall be as it should

And this I know for certain
For I was there long ago
in the land where dreams and myths are made

The realists will say they parished that day
for their foolish hopeless dream
becoming ashes upon the dewy ground
the moment the light of the sun befell them

While the romantics at heart
Who favore nothing more than happy endings
Will say the goddess of the moon and stars took pity upon them
And granted their wish
To forever walk the land as mortals

However the writers and weavers of myth and lore
Who create such wonder to explain the sinplest of things
Will tell you they became the rainbow,
Appering only when the light hits the dew

But I say whatever fate that became of them
their vow was never broken
for not sea or earth nor fear of death
shall ever part them."

These are part of the 'lyrics" from a story i am working on about a classic story I remember hearing as a child. There are stories from all over the world that are variations of the fish and bird myth. It was even referenced in the very popular movie Ever After in which Drew Barrymore's character Danielle says "a fish may love a bird sir, but where would they live?" Unfortunately even the theme is very popular I have been unable to find a book that contains the story. So one day I just started writing this story in poem song form as I imagined a girl sitting in front of tavern singing this song while playing a Celtic lap harp. The middle of the story is not finalized so i haven't up loaded it yet but i felt the need to include the passages that inspired these pieces.

For our color & mood project for color & mood assignment we were asked to tell a story using 3 pictures that conveyed different moods through well color. I decided to do my phoenix and water nymph story in a series of 3 stain glass windows in which this is panel 3.

If your curious here's the final pencil design

Medium: pencil drawings colored in Photoshop CS
Class: Color & Design
Time: I have no idea
Completed: Aug '05

All artwork and lyrics 2005 Alicia Ravenswood - All Rights Reserved - All images are mine so if you copy or use them without my permission I will send my minions of kitties after you.
shadowdollcat Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Its like a mosaic its so perfect!
KatGirlStudio Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you =^.^=
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March 3, 2006
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